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Welcome to Margo Anton Mosaics!
Margo Anton's News and Plans:

  • Next up, after a workshop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is
    another visit to the USA. I will be teaching 4 workshops
    in three different States. Visit the Classes page for all
    the details!

  • Following the US tour, I'll be heading to Europe. There is
    a chance I'll be teaching there as well...details TBA as I
    know more.

  • I have two upcoming workshops in EDMONTON, AB! They
    are scheduled for mid April and mid August
For more information,
please Margo Anton:
(780) 722-7068
Margo Anton travels the globe creating mosaic artwork and
, and teaching mosaic workshops.  Her current location
is British Columbia, Canada.
18" by 8"
Smalti and desert roses